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"Most building projects in urban or suburban locations such as Bath, Frome, Cardiff, Newport & Bristol require party wall notices to be served to neighbours"

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S+C Party wall surveyors is owned and operated by Western Building Consultants Ltd. S+C specialise in the application of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

We work for either the building owner or the adjoining owner as their appointed surveyor or occasionally as agreed surveyor acting impartially for both parties. The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 came into force in 1997, it is the framework for dealing with construction work that involves shared walls or floors and work that may be in close proximity to a neighbouring building or structure. If you need to appoint a party wall surveyor in Bristol, Bath or Frome you have come to the right place.

The Act sets a framework and procedure for dealing with disputes and protecting the rights of both building owners and adjoining owners. It gives both parties specific rights and responsibilities regarding work taking place on or near a Party structure or boundary. The process can be quite complicated and the Act does not give fully detailed instructions in how to deal with all disputes, therefore it is vitally important that you use an experienced impartial surveyor such as S+C to guide you through the process and act for you.



S+C can review your project plans with a site visit if required and give advice about how to deal with the process.

We can offer technical design advice to help reduce the impact on your neighbour and reduce any risks associated with the works.

Party Wall Notices

We can serve party wall notices throughout Bath, Bristol, Frome and beyond.

We will advise you of the required notices and draw up the notices to ensure that it is in the right format and legally correct.

Schedule of Conditions

We can draw up a schedule of condition for neighbouring properties to ensure that any existing damage is recorded, reducing your future liability.

Party Wall Awards

We can liaise with other Party Wall Surveyors to agree and serve a Party Wall Award.

If you have received a notice as an adjoining owner we can review the notice and supporting documentation and act on your behalf, commonly the costs involved with this service are paid for by the person carrying out the work.

Professionally Qualified

We have a proactive and pragmatic approach to dealing with Party Wall matters and our staff include members of The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, The Chartered Institute of Building Engineers and the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists.

We are happy to offer a telephone based no obligation consultation before being formally instructed to act as your surveyor. We generally operate in the Frome, Bristol & Bath area, although we are happy to travel further afield. To help ensure certainty of costs we aim to provide fixed price fees where possible. Our hourly rate for dealing with party wall matters is very competitively priced compared to many other local surveyors. To obtain a quotation or to simply ask some advice, please contact us.


How can you help me at an early stage to avoid problems later on in the process? 


Thorough consideration of the detailing at junctions between extensions or new build properties in regards to the Party Wall Act is vitally important at the planning stage, S+C can advise you or your architect/surveyor on strategies for reducing risk surrounding the process and can help to progress design details that will help reduce delays due to the party wall Act.


If you think that your project may require a party wall notice please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a consultation. Some party wall notices carry a 2 month notice period, which can cause a significant delay if not dealt with in a timely manner.


I have obtained planning permission and Building Regulations consent, do I still need to go through the party wall process?

Quite simply yes, if your project is notifiable having planning permission dose not grant you permission to construct your building under the Party Wall Act. Most projects require a party wall notice if they are carrying out even internal works on the party wall or if you are installing foundations within 3 meters of the neighbouring property. The Party Wall Act is not affected by any requirement for Planning Permission or Building Regulation Approval. Similarly, having Planning Permission for Building Regulation Approval does not negate the need for compliance under the Party Wall Act. Even if your property has benefitted from Permitted Development Rights it will usually still require a party wall notice. If you have a listed building our heritage team can advise you of your obligations under the act.


The Party Wall Act comes into effect when you are planning to carry out work on or near a neighbouring structure, such as 

Excavation within 3m of a neighbouring property. 


Piling within 6m of a neighbouring property. 

Altering a wall which is shared by two (or more) properties, including where someone has built a wall and a neighbour wants to build a structure butting up to it. 


Installing a wall forming part of one building that is on the boundary line between two properties. 

Altering or installing a garden wall, where the wall is astride the boundary line or next to the boundary and is used to separate the grounds of the properties but is not part of any building. 

Carrying out works to the floors and ceilings of flats etc. 

How can I help move the process along?


Knowing where the boundary lies between properties is very important, if you are unsure of the boundary condition we would recommend that this is established prior to gaining planning by a boundary dispute expert. In addition to this good relations with your neighbours is important, you can foster this by keeping in contact with your neighbour and consulting them on your plans, although your neighbour may feel that they need the protection of an award or schedule of condition and therefore good relations is not always a guarantee that they will not dissent a notice. 


Plan your project timescales and cycle to allow for the party wall process to take place once your detailed drawings have been drawn up. If you need help with this aspect please contact WBC our parent company for a quotation.


In addition to this it helps if the junction between any adjoining properties is considered and the foundation construction is known before notices are served. This can often be carried out with a simple test pit.


Can you help me with my party wall issue?

If you are a building owner or adjoining owner in Bristol, Bath or Frome we can help.

We work for home owners, developers, architects, planners and surveyors. We offer advice for small sites that are having extensions or internal alterations and multi million pound sites that involve construction effecting 50+ neighbours with everything in between covered on both commercial and domestic projects. Our previous clients include various local solicitors, architects, small and large construction firms and developers such as Emerys of Bath, PG Group and Construction Total Solutions. Our expert knowledge and competitive fee structure makes us the perfect solution for all types of client and project.


We are happy to discuss any project at planning stage and to comment on the legalities of the boundary condition. Our customers benefit from our unique approach and expert construction knowledge.


I have received a party wall notice from my neighbour, can you HELP?

Unsure what to do?


Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your options, in all most all cases there will be no charge to you if we need to act on your behalf.

If you choose to dissent the notice, you are required to appoint a surveyor. You only have short timescale to respond and arrange this otherwise the building owner may appoint a surveyor on your behalf. We recommend that you contact us as soon as you receive notice from your neighbour.



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We carryout party wall services all over the South West including Bath, Newport, Cardiff, Swindon, Gloucester, Bristol, Wiltshire, North Somerset, South Mendip & Gloucestershire Councils.

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How can I get S+C involved as my party wall surveyor? 

To act on your behalf it is a requirement of the Party Wall Act to get a signed authorisation from you to act as your Party Wall Surveyor, please contact us to get a copy of this authorisation form and a fee quotation.

party wall TEAM


Our team of Architectural technologists, Surveyors and Building Engineers includes 15 members of staff. Below you will find information on the key members of the party wall team.

Mark Wiltshire BSc (Hons) 


Architecture Manager

Mark is a Senior Architectural Technologist and Conservation Specialist, Mark has worked for WBC since graduating and is an associate of CIAT. He has a degree in ATD from the University of The West of England and is currently finishing a conservation masters degree in Oxford.


Mark provides advice on party wall matters and has extensive knowledge in applying the party wall act ot residential buildings.

As a skilled surveyor he also produces schedules of condition from the Bath and Bristol offices.

James Dean MSc BSc (Hons)


Managing Director

James is a member of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors, a fellow of CABE and a chartered architectural technologist he has been working in Bath since graduating with a degree in architectural technology and design. He also has Masters in building surveying and in his early career studied under an expert FRICS party wall surveyor and RIBA architect.

James is an expert party wall surveyor and has experience of working on a vast range of projects. He provides design and strategic party wall advice for clients looking to develop or alter thier building.

James has been featured in articles for CABE magazine and Bath Life Magazine.

Paul Keegan DipBS



Surveying Manager


Paul is chartered surveyor and has a masters in Business Administration. He has had a varied career in Building Surveying , Building Control and carpentry.

He is experienced in party wall matters and provides surveying services including schedules of condition and agreed surveyor roles. His background ensures that he has the highest level of technical knowledge and skill in the detailing of complex junctions between buildings.

Jack Hussey




Party Wall Surveyor

Jack finalized an apprenticeship with WBC in 2016. After finishing this he began studying for a Building Surveying Degree through WBC.

Jack specializes in party wall matters and CDM and is a member of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors.


He currently assists on larger projects and is able to carry out awards notices and schedules of condition for residential schemes.

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